The Crystal Ally Cards: Evolution

Order Crystal Ally Cards: Evolution Edition

Place your pre-publication order of The Crystal Ally Cards: Evolution Edition today! This beautiful boxed set includes:
  • 75 Full color, gilt-edged divination cards featuring stunning visionary art, depicting 70 different crystals and minerals. This new edition includes 49 of the original Crystal Ally Cards plus 21 new minerals! Many of the original cards have been redesigned to better reflect the stone energies they represent.
  • A 236-page guidebook containing new meditations, card layouts, and in-depth information on each stone card. Naisha has completely re-edited the guidebook and included new information and processes to help you use the cards more effectively.
  • Bonus access to downloadable guided audios that lead you through the process of choosing cards for many of the layouts.
  • $29.95 for the boxed set of book and cards. Cards are not available separately.
After 22 years as the best-selling crystal divination deck in the world, The Crystal Ally Cards have been reborn in the new Evolution Edition! Creator Naisha Ahsian has completely redesigned and edited the book and deck to more accurately reflect her understanding of the energy of each card and their evolving connection with humanity.